General planning

General planning General planning General planning General planning

General planning

During construction, reconstruction or overhaul of industrial objects, administrative and communal buildings and structures emerges the necessity of finding a general planner, who would be responsible for a qualitative realization of the whole complex of design works for an object.

Our services

The range of services the MegaronProject LLC offers includes preproject planning (preparation), elaboration of project and working documentations, as well as their separate parts; as general planner we also coordinate all participating design organizations, we are responsible for elaboration of the full range of project documentation for getting all necessary permissions, for passing expertise, as well as for further construction. We effect authorial supervision during building and construction works.


As general planner our organization effects preparation of project and working documentations, organizes and coordinates preparation of documents and responsible for their quality, as well as for their correspondence with norms and technical regulations.

All sections of design documentation (PD) developed by us and our trusted partners comply with the Russian government decree №87 dated 16.01.2018 “About composition of parts of project documentation and requirements for their content” in terms of completeness and content.

For more details concerning design look by the link “Design”.


Project documentation for capital construction objects, as well as results of engineer surveys effecting for preparation of such project documentation have to pass an expertise, with the exception of cases cited in regulation documents (design of simple objects, that do not require any construction permit and other cases).

Since 1-st of April 2012 expertise of project documentation and/or of results of engineer surveys can be effected in form of state or private expertise. Conclusion of a private, as well as of a state expertise has to be approved by the building inspection organization Stroinadzor.

Elaborated project documentation is accompanied by our experienced specialists by all phases of a private or a state expertise with the purpose of getting positive conclusion concerning correspondence of project documentation with requirements by technical regulations, with results of engineer surveys, with requirements concerning contents of parts of project documentation.

Authorial supervision

During building and construction works our specialists as authorial supervisor check if requirements are fulfilled and if realizing works correspond with project documentation.


We effect preparation of project documentation on the base of the permission certificate for organization of preparation of project documentation (the certificate was issued by a self-regulatory organization).