Design Design Design Design Design


Design is one of the most important phases of a project during that the essence of idea comes out, reasonability of a project, its practicability, functionality and durability are based. During this phase volumes and quality of facility are planned, what as a result influences directly the price of the facility.

Our approach

During elaboration of documentation our experienced specialists base on all Customer’s requirements and wishes, on actual tendencies and streams in architecture, on situation on the modern market for construction materials, as well as on the newest technologies applying them; by doing so they take into account all nuances of the valid laws and building norms in Russian Federation.

For finding the most optimal, modern and effective solutions we offer a consequential approach and dividing a design process into 3 phases.


In our opinion design process begins from elaboration of pre-design solutions/concept. During this phase the basis of the whole project are discussed and planned; all requirements, as well as parameters important for the Customer are being determinated. The result of a preproject that includes basic characteristics and technoeconomic indicators of an object inclusive further development and positioning of buildings and constructions on a land plot is the base for further design process, as well as for requesting design basis by all state and commercial bodies and organizations.

Project documentation

According to the  results of pre-design solutions, on the base of a design task and of preliminary permissions our specialists elaborate all parts of project documentation, that correspond in points of completeness and contents with the Russian government decree №87 dated 16-th of February 2018 “About composition of parts of project documentation and requirements to their contents”.

While elaborating project documentation we use the reach experience of our employeess and subcontractors. While designing industrial enterprises we can base both on an existent technology by Customer and elaborate a new one; european technologies are adapted and brought in correspondence with the valid norms and rules in Russian Federation.

According to the City Planning Code of Russian Federation project documentation is defined as documentation, that includes materials such as textes and layouts and determines architectural, function-technological, constructional, and enginnering-technical solutions for ensuring building, reconstruction process of capital structures, of their parts, major repairs of such structures.

Working documentation

Our specialists elaborate the full package of working documentation, that must be enough for effecting building and construction works and let together with the package of tender documentation elaborated by us supervise clearly quality and volume of building and construction works effected by a genral contractor/by contractors.

According to the State standard GOST R 21.1001-2009 working documentation is defined as a complex of texts and graphic documents, that ensures realization of technical solutions accepted in approved project documentation for a capital structure and must be enough for effecting building and construction works, for supplying building with equipments, wares and materials and/or for production of building products. A complex of working documentation includes main sets of working drawings, specifications for equipments, wares and materials, estimates and other attached documents elaborated in addition to working drawings from the main set.