Complex support

Complex support Complex support Complex support Complex support Complex support

Complex support

The MegaronProject LLC effects all services concerning design and project management for  objects in industry, residential and commercial realties. We recommend a complex approach for fulfilling all tasks concerning managing, planning and controlling at one hand through our specialists. Thanks to effective process of internal cooperation in our organization ways for fulfilling managing tasks by a project are shortened, taking decisions and measures demands less efforts and expenditure of time, what exerts a positive influence on quality, time limits and budget of a project.

With our help You achieve Your goal

We support a project completely from an idea through finding a plot for building-up till putting build object into operation, for this purpose the whole volume of works of a technical supervisor and a general planner is effected fully through our organization.

Moreover, as specialists who have got knowledge of the finest details in documentation and of a building process, we offer support to our Customer even after putting building into operation.

Our Customer gets through our company as a well organized and сoordinated team of high qualified specialists who have got knowledge of the newest technologies in design and constructing only one responsible partner for realizing project. We take over coordinating and managing all processes for realizing object and through a complex and integral approach we guarantee fulfilment of all tasks qualitatively and in time.

Technical supervisor (Client’s technical representative)

Complete support of an object from an idea through finding a plot for construction till putting build object into operation.

For more details have a look by links «technical supervisor» and «construction supervision».

General planner

Organization and elaboration of all necessary documentation by phases of preproject, project documentation and working documentation.

For more details have a look by links «general planning» and «design».

After putting an object into operation

We are sure of quality of works we do therefore according to Customer’s wish we are ready to offer our support of an obect also after its putting into operation, including following services:

  • Support by choosing operating companies and organizations
  • Controlling condition of buildings, structures and building services in operation during a definite period of time. Our specialists effect periodically checking and receive claims concerning quality from representatives by Customer and/or operating organizations; they analyse them and execute a list of claims and defects, as well as give their comments and recommendations how to remove them
  • Discovering possible guarantee and operational defects of buildings, structures and building services, organizing and controlling their removal. If some guarantee defects are found out well-grounded claims are executed and addressed to executor of installation and construction works (a general contractor/contractors) according to the legal system of Russian Federation as well as to warranty liabilities under construction contracts concluded earliaer
  • Design and construction support by futher fitting out a plant with technical equipments