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Design and building are complicated processes, that require special knowledges of a full number of specialists. By any working phase can appear questions or situations that require expert help. We advise a complex approach to control over design and building, what can help to fulfil works qualitatively, to turn over an object within planned terms and budget, also to optimize and economize last one as far as possible.

We are experts in real estate development

We offer expert consulting in finding a land plot, design and building both concerning the whole process and its separate parts. Our specialists make an independent analysis/technical audit of Your project or of its certain part in point of meeting requirements concerning quality; they reveal possible problems and find ways for solving them.

Finding a land plot

Finding a land plot for building taking in account all important factors that influence further design process, as well as realization of the whole project is one of the most complicated tasks, that can have a deep effect on the planned budget and timeline of a project. Often a cheap at first sight land plot can cost Customer much more in the end, than a land plot, that сarries in comparison a much higher price. Our specialists reveal all pitfalls and give You a full estimate of the situation around the land plot You are planning to buy or to rent; if necessary they also make analysis of the market in point of alternative offers for comparison of land plots.


Already by the initial phase of elaborating project documentation, getting all possible permission documents, preparation of primary estimate of a construction it is important to involve competent specialists.

Our experienced specialists answer all Your questions rapidly and efficiently, make analysis and offer ways for increasing effectiveness of Your project or for solving possible problems. We consult concerning optimizing design of buildings and constructions, of building services systems, heat engineering, ventilation, of air-conditioner and fire-safety systems, of power supply and much more.

Initial organization of a project and application of correct project solutions make possible to find an optimal solution for Customer and lead to effective application of budget funds and to optimization of building terms.

Among other things we advise on:

  • Organization of a project
  • Getting preliminary permissions for design
  • Choosing of design and building and construction organizations
  • Quality control of design
  • Applying building norms and rules
  • Technical questions (architecture, grounds, foundations, construction materials, thermal protection of buildings, general recommendations in point of organization of building services systems )
  • Scheduling of design, construction works
  • Primary estimate of construction budget
  • Alteration of buildings and constructions


Our company advise on construction of real property and if necessary, makes full or partial technical inspection of buildings and constructions for getting data about condition of building structures, as well as for ascertaining of safe explotation possibility and/or reconstruction or major repairs. Our specialists also make analysis of existent project and asbuilt documentations and ascertain if they are enough or they have to be supplemented for commissioning.

We’ll advise on development projects of any complexity and purpose. We work both with Russian companies and companies with foreign capital.

Among other things we advise on:

  • Working and tender documentations
  • Choosing building and construction organisations
  • Terms and price of building and construction works
  • Organization of building inspection (technical supervision)
  • Inspection of buildings and constructions for different functional purposes, inspection of building services systems
  • Correspondence of used structures, wares, materials with approved working documentation, technical regulation documents
  • Laboratory quality control of construction materials, wares and structures
  • Technology of building and construction processes and of quality of effecting works
  • Defects and deficiencies that appear while effecting works on separate structure elements, on the whole object
  • Assembling documentation for equipments, documentation for testing, for putting into operation
  • Decrees of technical and authorial supervision, of state construction supervision, as well as observance of these decrees through construction organisations
  • Technical asbuilt documentation, general and special building journals.