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Testimonials Shortcode

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We have made an absolutely positive experience with the company OOO MEGARONPROJECT and its Manager Viktor Schwabauer and can recommend this company as an very reliable service provider and architectural planner in its field of competence.

Marten Lorenz

General Project Manager new Factory Construction Project SGTT

We started the cooperation with the company MEGARONPROJECT in April 2015 and since that time we have experienced the outstanding level of service and dedication to the client from the site of the management of the company and high standard of work delivered to us in terms of quality as well as keeping the timelines while implementing the projects.

Mario Metz

General Manager of Operations SGTT

Благодаря ООО "МегаронПроект" в качестве проектировщика и технического заказчика проект был реализован качественно, с соблюдением сроков и в рамках планируемого бюджета. Благодарим за проделанною работу.

Побелянский Г.Э.

Генеральный директор

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